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By Corey Noles

Robosen Robotics — When a Childhood Love for Robots Becomes a Career

It’s not often you see a new product today and have a true “Wow” moment. Unless that is, you have seen the robots produced by Robosen Robotics.

Robosen Robotics Co., Ltd. was established in 2008 to provide technical solutions and ODM services for global consumer robot manufacturers. The company is a professional high-tech enterprise focused on robotics with independent research and development, production, marketing, and services.

The company has been in the robotics field for the past 12 years specializing in servo motors, robot walking, and mechanical movement technology.

Chairman Samuel Chen was a fan of the Transformers cartoons as a child and wanted to someday be able to create his own line of robots. 

Well, someday has arrived.

Samuel got into robotics young and became an industry leader in the field. He passed up multiple lucrative career opportunities to fulfill his vision of starting his own robotic company. 

After more than 12 years of research and development and fine-tuning the robots, Robosen launched T9, the world’s first advance auto converting robots in the U.S. in 2019.

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Robosen T9E

The T9 is a vehicle that transforms into a highly functional robot. It contains 22 servo motors, a speaker and microphone, a Bluetooth connection, and supports between 30 and 80 voice commands. T9 is controlled via a mobile phone or tablet.

Since that time, Robosen has designed a variety of other robots including the T9 Planetary Rover, the K1 Pro Interstellar Scout, and the K1 Interstellar Scout.

The next robot, however, is a real-life Optimus Prime from the Transformers, a special project for Robosen. From the rivets on the side panels to the shape of the exhaust pipes, it is an impressive Optimus Prime replica.

The upcoming model is already available for pre-order on their website.

According to the company’s U.S. representative, John Wong, the goal is to create an immersive, interactive, entertaining, and educational robot. Wong said Robosen wanted to show the world that with its multiple patented technologies and cost control of its servo motors, it can produce transforming, programmable, and AI robots at a reasonable cost. 

“We wanted to show that we can create well known robotic branded characters,” Wong said. “We also want to establish our own line of products and we put a lot of efforts into creating our own mobile software to control and program our base robot.”

Robosen wants to be a trendsetter and the leader in defining how people can embrace robotics in gameplay and have them accepted as a utility product in every household.

Moving forward, the company will continue to pursue partnerships and work with licensors, like Hasbro, to manufacture their own products. They also plan to push into the robot service industry in the future.

“Our core engineer team, multiple patented technology, cost control of our servo motors and the advance technology set us apart from the competition,” Wong said. “We successfully proved to Hasbro that we are able to manufacture a converting robot that impressed the creator of the Transformers robot series.”

Robosen is intent on ensuring it continues to manufacture more fan favorites, while also improving the user experience with the latest technologies built into its robots. ■

Author Bio: Corey Noles is the Managing Editor for Innovation & Tech Today. In more than two decades as a journalist, he has covered crime, MLB, business, healthcare, politics and anything else that could snag a headline.

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Robosen Robotics — When a Childhood Love for Robots Becomes a Career

August 16, 2021
By Corey Noles

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