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fliteboard electric sufboard
Photo courtesy of Flite
By Michael Coates

Riding Above the Waves with the Fliteboard

Surfing has always been the classic surfer vs. nature battle. It’s a surfer, a board and a wave — winner take all. Enter the Fliteboard.

The Fliteboard is to the surfboard what electric cars are to skateboards. Or what hydrofoils are to traditional harbor craft. It’s a bit of both. What we’ve got here is an eFoil, an electric surfboard that rises above the water, powered by an electric motor. In its latest version, Flite — the Australian-based creator of the Fliteboard — has upped the ante by boosting its batteries, using a quieter and more powerful motor and lightening up the whole package through the use of titanium.

Fliteboard Series 2.2

The Fliteboard Series 2.2 is a triumph of technology, upgrading its eFoil that was first introduced in 2018. Flite founder David Trewern, a serial entrepreneur who also once held a world record for kite-surfing, summered up the Series 2.2 as “the melding of all of our technology into an even quieter ride with twice the potential power and more control.” Titanium plates replace aluminum ones from the earlier design, dropping weight and increasing impact resistance.

This version also incorporates 21700 cells — the style found in electric cars like Tesla — in its battery to boost performance, along with a new thermal management system. The board’s already quiet, small motor (60mm in diameter) is even quieter and it’s packaging for travel has been redesigned to be 40% smaller.

A Growing Community

Flite is also planning to add an app that will allow Fliteboard riders to connect with the global community of riders, allowing for competitions and the sharing of ride data from eFoilers. That community has grown considerably since this company launched four years ago. It claims sails of 6,500 Fliteboards to owners in more than 90 countries.

The boards are distributed through 200 partners worldwide. The world of electric marine watersports is growing with Flite claiming some serious marks. The company claims the record for the faster eFoil speed (55 km/34 mph/29 knots) and also surfing the biggest waves ever ridden (Nazare) on an electric hydrofoil. The Fliteboard Series 2.2 is currently available for $12,645 USD.

Future Innovation

The company spokesperson said it plans to continue to innovate and offer improvements on its boards in the future. It also offers three other models — the Pro, the Ultra and the Air for riders of varying skill levels. The eFoils also have a variety of different wings and other accessories that can enhance the rider’s experience. ■ The video of the big ride is at watch?v=ZgxxRuEQ3Ug

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Riding Above the Waves with the Fliteboard

October 3, 2022
By Michael Coates

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