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By David Wallach

Party Down In the Miller Lite Metaverse Bar

The Super Bowl is just a few days away and as you get ready to watch the big game, where and how you watch is always a part of the fun.

For some people the idea of going to a bar to watch isn’t an option they are comfortable with and hosting a party may not be in the plans either.

Miller Lite has come up with a way to combine technology and beer that not only connects you with other humans, but brings you into the Metaverse, to hang out, drink a cold one and even win stuff.

Because If there’s one thing the metaverse needs, it’s a bar stocked with beer. Really, that makes most “Verses” better.

Miller Lite built a classic tavern that opened for business on Feb. 7th. Now fans can stroll on over to the Meta Lite Bar in Decentraland. You still have to be 21 or older, but after that you can enjoy an immersive, communal experience with interactive features, virtual pilsners, and a chance to have your real Sunday football celebration paid for by Miller Lite, with the Virtual Cheers for Real Beers giveaway.

It’s set up like a “real verse?” bar, with plenty do: darts or billiards, snap a  meta-selfie, with that meta-hottie in the photo booth, select some tunes on the vintage jukebox and more all free from the worry of “that guy” in the MAGA hat giving you the stink eye.

Lots of brands are showing up in the metaverse right now, Miller Lite is doing things differently by keeping one foot in the virtual world and another in the real world. They’re using the Meta Lite Bar to encourage real-life hangouts over real-life beer by giving guests a chance to score their stock of game-day Miller Lite on them. Now, you and your avatar can enjoy Miller Time with friends. 

Hopefully Burrito King will follow suit and open a after game day Meta-Burrito- Hangover Verse?

The Miller Lite Virtual Cheers for Real Beers giveaway gives you a chance to win stuff in the real-verse to enjoy. It’s easy to enter: Visit the Meta Lite Bar in Decentraland via, pour yourself a beer from the golden bar tap, and follow the prompt to instantly learn if you won! From Feb. 7 to Feb. 13, an average of ten patrons daily will win $500 cash (real, not crypto) to stock IRL game day parties with Miller Lite and more.

Cheers and remember friends don’t let friends meta-verse drunk.

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Party Down In the Miller Lite Metaverse Bar

February 11, 2022
By David Wallach

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