Our Team

Charles Warner
Publisher, Editor-in-Chief
Shane P. Brisson
Creative Director
Peter Gietl
Executive Editor
Paul French
Managing Editor
Paul French is the Managing Editor of Innovation & Tech Today. As a writer, he's obsessed with the interplay of technology and culture. He also regularly interviews celebrities and scientists for the magazine, including Scarlett Johansson, Kevin Hart, Michio Kaku, Derek Muller, and Emily Calandrelli, among others.
John Gaudiosi
Gaming Editor
Michael Coates
Automotive Editor
Billy Brown
Outdoor & Adventure Tech Editor
Steve Christmann
Andrew Janson
Assistant Editor, Subscriptions Manager
A long time writer and editor at Innovation & Tech Today, Andrew fights crime in his free time, though you wouldn't know it to look at him; his alter ego is about as mild-mannered as they come.
Ashlyn Stewart
Assistant Editor
Kelsey Elgie Domier
Senior Writer
Anthony Elio
Senior Writer
Cyndy Hernandez-Martinez
Senior Writer
Liam Kivirist
Senior Writer
Robert Yehling
Founding Editor
Jason Riggs
Vice President, Sales
Dave Van Niel
Vice President, Sales
Charlie Hernandez
Vice President
Noel Petterson
Josh McKenzie
Director of Business Development
Sasha Zeidner
Sales Coordinator