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By I&T Today

New Sexual Wellness Serum Celebrates Women’s Pleasure

Felicia Hershenhorn is the young burgeoning entrepreneur and tenacious CEO and Founder behind the hotly-tipped new sexual wellness brand RUNI. Felicia launched RUNI to empower women to take ownership of their pleasure by cultivating a community of openness and providing innovative products that are fun, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to use.

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This former attorney and co-founder of Imaraïs Beauty by Sommer Ray quit her day job as a lawyer at 28 to launch RUNI and she is using her platform as the founder of the intimate wellness company to redefine self-care as a pursuit of pleasure, radically transform sex lives, and tackle the taboo of sexual wellness. Felicia is available to share how CBD sexual wellness is evolving, why she partnered with Plan International, and her mission to create the elegant sexual wellness brand she wishes she had when she was growing up. 

“The category of wellness is expanding and the lines between traditional categories are blurring- skin care is as closely tied to hair care as it is exercise or pleasure and orgasms. So, the gap between your sexual wellness routine and your skincare routine is not as vast as you might expect.”

Felicia Hershenhorn

Felicia, also known as ‘Runi’ by her family and friends, wants to be your ultimate hype-girl when it comes to body, beauty, or sex. Felicia grew up in Toronto and always felt like an outcast. She attended law school and studied personal injury law and construction law. She met a real estate developer and landed a job as in-house council. Beauty-obsessed and an entrepreneur at heart, Felicia left her life as the youngest and only female attorney and head of corporate and legal at a development company. She started consulting for companies, like Psychedelic Water, regarding growth strategies and branding and eventually co-founded and launched an industry-disrupting, plant-based skincare company, IMARAÏS Beauty by Sommer Ray.

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Runi is Felicia’s newest and most personal endeavor. Felicia set out to empower women through sexual wellness. Runi is an intimate wellness company that celebrates pleasure as an essential component of human sexuality fundamental to overall health and wellbeing. Runi empowers people with the products and know-how to explore and express our deepest needs and desires, because when it comes to getting what you want, Runi knows the pleasure is all mine. Felicia raised over $400,000 in funding in 48 hours to bring her vision to life. Based on her experience working with manufacturers, Felicia created a prototype and formulated Play Primer arousal serum. Play Primer from Runi is now available online.

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New Sexual Wellness Serum Celebrates Women’s Pleasure

August 31, 2022
By I&T Today

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