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mobile gaming
Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay
By Steve Marks

A Look at the Evolution of Mobile Gaming

As the world enters into the age of 5G, people can easily forget the difficulties they faced to get here. From the super slow dial-up connections of the earlier days to the limited browser features on the early mobile phones, the struggles have been many up until this point. One of the more interesting ways to trace the development of mobile technology, from the early days to 5G, is by looking at mobile gaming and online casinos.

Mobile Phones

The mobile phones of the pre-smartphone era could offer no better games than simple Snake and Pong adaptations. One look at those games and you would understand how far we have come. With the introduction of smart phones at the turn of the new millennium, many new possibilities emerged, but not every industry was as forthcoming as the online casino industry.

Today, mobile casino games offer a highly smooth experience, with better input and display types, enabling a great multitude of gamblers to engage in their favorite pastime, even on the move. Today, innovative and targeted platforms like online bingo brands like 888Ladies casino, LeoVegas, and Spinland amongst some others offer a unique and adaptive experience to its target audience, which in this platform’s case are female gamblers. They make it safe and really fun for their players by offering them state of the art banking options as well as a wide range of the latest bingo games.

Desktop Computers

When it comes to checking out something on the internet, the most popular and obvious choice, until some time ago, used to be desktop computers. It’s on these systems that we saw the early browsers such as Internet Explorer and Netscape. Back in those times, the limited Internet speed meant that no one could download and play heavy casino games and had to contend with smaller limited experiences.

This is where the browser wars began, with small games that could be played in browser environment, and online casinos were among the first few industries to lap up this opportunity. Since that time, online casinos have grown consistently, right adjacent to the evolving technologies. From the simple casino games of those years, today you can play online slots which offer rich graphic experiences and much more. The desktops continue to adapt to new technologies like VR and are set to offer better online casino experiences. Here’s how VR is revolutionizing the gaming industry of today.


Tablets were a part of the sci-fi world even long before they became a real technology. These devices followed almost the same trajectory as the mobile casinos, as they had the similar operating systems and infrastructure as the smart phones. However, these devices had slightly fewer limitations than their desktop and mobile counterparts.

What it meant was that when the new age online casinos came into being, they could easily gain an entry on these devices. Like mobile phones, these were very viable platforms for the online casino games.

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A Look at the Evolution of Mobile Gaming

July 19, 2019
By Steve Marks

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