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Life-Enhancing Tech Gifts for Every Father’s Day Budget

Father’s Day is coming up fast, and we have inside track on some of the best gadgets for dads for every budget. Check out the curated 2022 list from Innovation & Tech Today!

Under $50:

Bril Toothbrush Sanitizer

Image courtesy of Bril

Perfect for any germaphobic dad, Bril is a portable toothbrush case that claims to use natural UV-C light to kill 99.9% of the unwanted viruses and bacteria living on toothbrushes. Approximately the size of an Apple earbud case, Bril hangs on the bathroom (or any) wall with the included magnetic mount and charges with an included micro USB cable. 

Bril allegedly kills germs on a molecular level by destroying their DNA after each use. According to the company, its 360º ultra-deep sterilization kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. The case also provides round-the-clock toothbrush protection from airborne mold and dust, protecting your brush from germ buildup while not in use. One Bril currently costs $29.99. The purchase of a three-pack of Brils is $59.99, which is arguably a small price to pay for some peace of mind for any dad with Covidphobia. 

Under $500 

The Ōura Ring

Image courtesy of Ōura Health

Prince Harry infamously popularized the Oura ring, made by Finnish health technology company Ōura Health Oy. Eagle-eyed royal watchers spotted him sporting one given to him by Meghan Markle. Oura collects health data from the wearer’s finger like a regular activity bracelet or heart rate monitor. 

While not the only wearable ring, it seems to be emerging as the leading one, thanks to the unofficial royal endorsement. 

Prince Harry was unavailable for comment. However, legal prince Jeff Zuber, Founding Partner at Zuber-Lawler law firm, purchased the Oura Gen 3 Heritage Silver ring after his FitBit broke down. 

“The Oura 3 would make a great gift for health-conscious dads that prefer this minimalist device to a fitness smartwatch,” said Zuber. “I prefer fewer distractions, and the ring provides no distractions. It quietly takes measurements that I can review when convenient. I particularly enjoy its sleep monitoring, and it does help me stay focused on getting enough sleep and developing better habits, such as not eating just before bed.” 

“Additionally,” Zuber continued. “Oura just added a real-time measurement for heart rate—I’ve been waiting for this feature and am excited to use it. Overall, I’m satisfied with the purchase. I would repurchase it and recommend it to others.” 

Under $5,000

The Mirror Home Gym by Lululemon

Like the fitness-tracker-in-a-ring concept Oura, many home gyms are on the market, including The Mirror, Tempo, and Tonal. Mirror Gym, however, appears to be leading the pack thus far. For Father’s Day, The Mirror offers $300 off, with free delivery and installation. Proper installation is critical to ensure it doesn’t fall off the wall. However, it can also come with a stand. Mirror’s current membership plan is $39.95 a month, an annoying added expense for a single or divorced dad. However, six household members can have individual profiles, similar to Netflix. They can access all classes, making it a minimal expense for the entire family. 

Content-wise, the Mirror offers seemingly unlimited weekly live and on-demand classes from skilled fitness instructors. The workouts come with encouraging feedback in real-time and feature the avatars of whomever else is working out from inside their homes across the country. 

Additionally, it contains many genres of workouts. So, whether one prefers yoga, kickboxing, Tai Chi, or dancing, there’s a workout for everyone, with new classes regularly added. 

Below is a quick comparison guide between the home gyms.

Similarities between Mirror, Tonal, and Tempo. All have –

  • Trainer-led workouts
  • Live classes & group exercises so you can connect with others
  • Financing options
  • Home delivery and setup
  • Various genres of workout classes: yoga, kickboxing, cardio, etc.
  • Real-time, personal stats
  • 30-day refunds


  • The Mirror (as the name implies) functions as a sleek, discreet full-length mirror when not used as a home gym. 
  • Tonal has adjustable arms and Tempo and comes with weights, while the Mirror has optional weights available for purchase. 
  • The Mirror’s classes range from 5 to 60 minutes.
  • The Mirror requires enough space to stand in front of it, which is ideal for smaller apartments where a home gym is otherwise impractical. Tonal requires seven ′ x 7′ floor space, 7’ unobstructed wall space, and a ceiling height of at least 7’10”. 
  • Tempo is currently $2,485, Tonal is $2,745 without smart accessories (+$495), and The Mirror is $1,195 with the current $300 off Father’s Day sale (regularly ($1,495). 

Whether one’s dad is a germaphobe or a gym rat, a biohacker, or a couch surfer, any of the above gadgets will be a welcome surprise for Father’s Day

Picture of By Sara Brittany Somerset

By Sara Brittany Somerset

Sara Brittany Somerset is a United Nations & cannabis correspondent based out of New York, NY.

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