Iron-Brain: 5 Habits to Keep Your Brain Robust

Iron-Brain: 5 Habits to Keep Your Brain Robust



Photo by Christian Schnettelker on Flickr.

Grab a Raw Snack

The more raw fruits and vegetables you eat, the better. They’re packed full of the vitamins, minerals, and omega-3’s needed to keep your brain feeling pumped. Make your next snack raw and you’ll be doing your brain a favor. See this article by Brain Facts to learn more about how different habits of diet can affect your day-to-day thinking.

light-bulb-2-1427493Learn Something New

Your brain gets bored easily. Jumpstart your neural connections and excite them by learning a new task. Even learning a new gadget will help wake up your brain. As discussed by NPR, this is one of the best ways to ensure that your brain doesn’t atrophy from routine.

biking-1183092Get Active

It’s sad but true. The older you get, the more your brain slowly degenerates and wastes away. The exception? Research (as highlighted by Brain HQ) has shown that exercise can actually stimulate new stem cells to grow, which we think is pretty awesome. Keep your brain young and get yourself physically active today.


Photo by Tanenhaus on Flickr.

Stay Social

We get it. Most of us are go-getters and when we’re busy in life, we start to let things slide. The first to get pushed aside is your ability to keep social. From your home life to your workplace, keep your social connections going. Research suggests that a healthy social life keeps your brain less stressed and better functioning. It can even help to stave off Alzheimer’s. See this article from the Alzheimer’s Association for more details.

peaceful-view-1511586Think Positive Thoughts

Use the Law of Attraction to impact your brain positively. Flood your brain with the positivity, aspirations, and goals you want to achieve to keep it happy. Negative thoughts are not only a downer mentally but they can also hinder your ability to think clearly. For more on this idea, check out the insight from Susan Reynolds writing for Psychology Today.

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