February 8, 2023

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How You Can Engage Employees During Training Using a Mobile LMS

Employee engagement is important in many contexts but is especially relevant when it comes to training. Unless team members are interested and attuned to what they are being taught, they might not gain much from the experience.

This is where a mobile learning management system (LMS) can be useful, providing you with the tools you need to overcome employee boredom during training. Here is a look at why workers might not be engaging with your current strategies, and why making use of a mobile LMS will deliver improvements in this area.

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Mobile LMS software allows microlearning and better retention

The concept of microlearning and the accessibility of using a mobile LMS for sellers should be at the top of the agenda for any prospective business user of this type of platform.

This all boils down to the idea that it is easy for employees to become fatigued if they have to sit through seemingly never-ending training sessions that last hours or even days at a time, leading to a lower likelihood of the information they receive being retained.

Likewise, it may not be convenient to keep them tethered to a laptop computer for training, hence the appeal of mobile devices as the lynchpin of this process. Rather than creating a school room-style environment for the training, a mobile LMS enables on-the-go bursts of microlearning, which will of course stick with them for longer, rather than going in one ear and out the other.

Content variety is key

Another issue that traditional training methods have, and which modern mobile LMS services can solve, is that of offering a distinct lack of variety in terms of the content and course material involved in training.

The chief sin of unengaging training is an over-reliance on text-based content, which can be both intimidating and bland in equal measure.

The answer is to make the content as diverse as possible, including graphics and videos to keep things fresh, while still using text when this is appropriate.

Formatting is also something to think about; if you do need to deploy large amounts of text-based content, make sure to follow the rules of easily digestible formatting, such as bullet-pointing and avoiding large paragraphs, to make it amenable to the needs and expectations of employees.

Entertainment is crucial to engagement

If an employee is not at least partly entertained by some aspect of the training process, then they will also be far from engaged by it, and could even perceive the training itself as some form of remedial action taken to address a deficit in their own abilities.

Conversely, if you use fun, contemporary, and accessible mobile tools to manage your learning, you will make it possible for everyone to develop much-needed new skills and improve upon their existing performance, without it seeming like they are being put through this as a kind of punishment.

Relevance is essential

Unless every aspect of the training is relevant to the people receiving it, they will mentally check out when they encounter an irrelevant aspect.

Being attuned to the content itself and ensuring that a course is actually able to add value to those who participate should be a priority.

With the assistance of a cutting edge mobile LMS, your ability to cater to the unique needs of your team members will be improved, and you can also make adjustments and respond to feedback to ensure that it is as useful as it is engaging, boosting its effectiveness in the long term.

By I&T Today

By I&T Today

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