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How to Automate Payroll Processes and What Solutions Exist

Payroll processing is one of the most important processes in an organization. It generally comprises two steps. The first one involves the human resource teams preparing the payroll inputs while the second one involves the generation of reports from the inputs prepared. The reports are used when making salary payments.

The process of preparing payroll is complex and depends on many factors. Depending on the agreement between the employee and the employer, as well as government regulations, organizations need to have competent staff and software solutions to ensure that the process is handled properly.

Smart organizations document a checklist of all these factors to have a form of a guideline and to make sure that nothing is left or forgotten. However, can an organization handle its payroll processes manually? Which system is better between a manual and automated system?

Technology advancements have changed how businesses operate. This has led to the development of new software applications that not only make business processes fast but also efficient and accurate. Organizations are now automating their payroll systems in a number of ways, key among them;

Using Pay Stub Generator

One of the most popular solutions when automating payroll services is through the use of a pay stub creator. A pay stub creator is an online tool used for conveniently creating paycheck stubs. They are easy to use and fast.

All that organizations need to do is to get the tool online, choose the design that best suits them, then fill in the required details. These details might include the salary, employee, tax, and company details. 

After that, the pay stub will be created within a couple of minutes. You can make as many pay stubs as you want, and then download them in a printable format of your choice. This makes the entire process easy, saves money and time, and is efficient.

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Payroll Software Applications

There are different software applications used when automating payroll services. One of the most popular applications is Intuit’s QuickBooks. It comes with a payroll module that can be added to accounting software. This module is very efficient when handling payroll processes.

It is popular for the way it handles the processes of calculating taxes, getting all the required forms filled, and paying employees. The least expensive Quickbooks payroll module goes for $45 per month and an extra $4 per user per month.

Peachtree is another popular software, developed by Sage Software, that comes with a payroll module for automating all payroll processes. It is popular for the well-designed features that make it easy to automate tax payments and for e-filing as well as direct deposit.

Other Online Payroll Solutions

One of the ways organizations can handle fast growth via technology is through the use of powerful payroll software. Due to this, some companies have come up with web-based payroll software applications that automate the entire payroll process for organizations. 

This makes it possible for accountants and employees to work together when generating tax returns and paychecks no matter where they are.

Others are even offering complete service options where they handle all the payroll processes for organizations. This allows organizations to outsource the processing of their payrolls and tax returns, making sure that they can focus on their core business activities.

Some of these online payroll solutions include Xpress Payroll, Intuit Online Payroll, SurePayroll, Sage MicrOpay, PayChex, and ADP. When choosing a solution to handle their payroll processes, organizations need to look at the features offered by these applications and see the ones whose features match their requirements.


Every organization needs to save time as well as money when handling some business process such as paying their employees. Automating their payroll processes is one of the best ways to do that.

Those that fail to automate their payroll services spend so much time and resources using applications like Excel spreadsheets or filling different forms manually. This consumes a lot of time and has high chances of miscalculations and errors, something that organizations need to avoid as much as they can. 

Using one of the solutions discussed above is a great way of avoiding penalties (that might come from incorrect salary payments) and streamlining the payroll processes.

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