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How Digital Asset Management is Changing in 2021

May 18, 2021
By I&T Today

The digital asset management market is on the rise. In 2020, it reached a global value of $3.88 billion and it is expected to increase over the coming years.

Digital asset management refers to a software-based solution that enables organizations to store, utilize, and retrieve digital assets like text documents, web pages, blueprints, graphics, audio content, videos, and so on. With DAM, users can easily access, edit, and share data via a centralized interface. As more and more businesses and organizations begin working online and remotely, DAM is becoming even more integral to businesses.

Here is a look at how DAM is changing in 2021.

With DAM software, users can manage all types of digital files. DAM software also easily integrates with other systems, such as content management systems, to ensure you have a single source of cohesion. DAM software is available in many forms, and it can be hosted on-premises or in the cloud. It is important that you compare different DAM software to find the right solution for your individual requirements. But any high-quality DAM system should be able to:

·   Facilitate clear asset organization.

·   Simplify the sharing of assets among internal team members and external users.

·   Integrate with other tools to streamline workflows.

·   Automatically eliminate duplicate assets.

·   Provide version control assistance.

Find out more about the best DAM software here, so you can start benefiting from its many advantages.

Automated Marketing Across All Channels

Due to the lockdowns of 2020, a huge amount of companies began expanding their online marketing, and that is continuing in 2021 and will continue to increase in years to come. With online marketing expansion comes a lot more work. Blog posts need to be increased, social media presence has to go up, more analysis is required, and so on. So, marketing departments can be faced with more tasks to complete across more channels but with the same resources and time. A DAM system can save marketers a huge amount of time and money by automating tasks and adopting user-friendly interfaces. Files can then simply and quickly be provided to different platforms in appropriate formats. Using DAM software for streamlining marketing is sure to become even more popular by the end of the year as companies realize just how helpful and powerful it can be.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology has much more far-reaching capabilities than tracking bitcoin development and transactions. When blockchain is implemented into DAM systems, users can get greater control over their assets. In the future, that could lead to things like being able to discover whether an image has been tampered with or whether its embedded data has been altered.

Technology for Automatic Tagging

DAM software uses metadata to enable users to search and find files easily. At the heart of metadata is automatic tagging. It works like this: modern systems recognize what is being depicted in images and automatically tags the content appropriately. Likewise, the content of text files can be automatically captured and tagged via the use of OCR technology. In the very near future, audio and video files will also be able to be recognized via natural language processing. These technologies are continually evolving, so manual tagging could soon become obsolete.

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