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How AI is Paving the Way for Routing Software

October 29, 2020
By innotechtoday

Routing or route optimization software is the best and most important tool in a fleet manager’s toolkit. This piece of software can take care of organizing the vehicles, drivers, and routes based on the customer’s location and availability. And it does so in no time, with a high capacity to adapt should the situation change.

Photo by Jonathan on Unsplash

However, the situation wasn’t always like this. In fact, before routing software could use AI and Big Data to create the most effective route, this was done manually.

As you can imagine, it was a time-consuming task that always had flaws (especially when in a pinch).

The fact that a piece of software can consider all the variables and adapt accordingly is quite amazing.

Still, like all technological marvels of our time, it’s easy to overlook its role in shaping industries and bringing people closer together.

Industries Influenced by Routing Software

Even though this type of software was designed to be used by delivery companies, it also has an impact on other industries (whether they have a delivery segment or not).

For instance, a highly efficient routing system that uses AI and Big Data is the reason why we have same-day delivery. Also, why e-commerce is such a booming industry and why many online stores can use fast delivery as a bargaining chip.

But the software also helps the industry of heavy transports by providing drivers with the best route for their vehicles’ size and weight. And, by default, it influenced the development of industries such as construction, gas stations, water treatment, restaurants, and more.

Now, it’s important to specify that, since the world of deliveries is so diverse, there is more than one type of routing software. So, it is each business owner’s job to choose the best software for their specific needs. For instance, some of the best routing software for a medium-sized business (check it out here) will be different from the best software for a trucking company.

Why the AI factor is Important

The development of e-commerce and faster delivery terms increased the demand for trucks on the road. But it also created a need for higher efficiency since e-commerce companies were happy to pay more for faster & better delivery.

Therefore, the AI factor became crucial for routing software and delivery companies. Without an intelligent brain to process huge amounts of data (in real-time) and create the best routes, for the best customer experience, this would’ve been an impossible task.

As such, due to the involvement of AI, each piece of routing software can both plan the most efficient routes and monitor drivers to ensure they follow the recommendations. In addition, with the use of smart systems, routing software can adapt to unexpected situations such as traffic jams caused by accidents or getting caught in rush hour traffic.

Wrap Up

AI-based route optimization software is quite amazing when you understand all its implications and how it helped change the world. Still, big companies (like Amazon) don’t want to stop here! The same system can be customized and used for other industries like self-driving cars that can be turned into incredibly efficient taxis.

In conclusion, the world of transports (for both goods and people) is definitely about to change forever.





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