Hobie’s Latest Speedy Paddleboard

Hobie’s Latest Speedy Paddleboard

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As the paddleboarding scene sweeps the nation – now in almost every boat rental shop on every local lake – we’re starting to see a huge leap in the technology of the equipment used. Not too long ago the inflatable paddleboard was invented, followed by new materials and advancements in aerodynamics. But now, a whole new generation of paddleboards is arriving, and these boards look like everyone’s least favorite machine at the gym.

This new paddleboard comes with handlebars for steering the board, and a new paddle drive system, made by Hobie, the drive system uses two pedals, similar to that of an elliptical, allowing you to use your legs and body weight to propel yourself. Essentially this board is an aquatic version of the “eliptigo” a bike that uses an elliptical system instead of standard pedals, allowing you to stand while you bike.

Hobie didn’t stop at the paddleboard when it came to implementing this new paddle drive system into their vessels. Hobie has an entire line that uses this intelligent system.

One of the more appealing and compelling features of this new “peddleboard” is the speed of drive system. It’s one of the faster man-powered water vehicles on the market, which makes it ideal for fishing, racing, casual use, or just getting on the water without the fear of falling off your paddleboard. It’s definitely something that catches the eye of anybody who’s not too attached to his or her traditional way of paddleboarding. Innovation steps on the heels of tradition once more.

Although it may not be the high-techiest advancement that we’ve seen recently, it’s certainly an interesting one.

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