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EVOLV Tour XL Plus Scooter: Meet The Beast

The connection between the popularity of scooters and the economy isn’t a coincidence. As gas prices continue to surge and the economy doesn’t seem to be taking a turn for the better any time soon, people are looking for alternative means of transportation that can save on gas prices while at the same time provide a greener more eco-friendly alternative.

Google “electric scooter” and there are many options that vary in price, speed, power, range and so on.

As the technology for stronger, longer lasting batteries continues to grow, the range and run time for most high-end scooters grows as well. So, it comes down to other tangible options like ride, brakes, acceleration, safety, and speed.

With an extended range and alternative battery options, the EVOLV Tour XL Plus is equipped to take you on extended commutes, quickly, smoothly, and most importantly, safely.  We have tested a lot of e-scooters — a perk of the job — and the EVOLV Tour XL Plus is the complete package.

The EVOLV Tour XL Plus is a top-of-the-class scooter pricing out at about $1500, which is average for a high-end scooter. This is a vehicle; it is not something you rent on the corner or buy at a big box store. The EVOLV Tour XL Plus is a well-rounded electric scooter with a balance of style, substance, and speed.

If you’re going to invest in a scooter as a means of transportation, you want to make sure you get what you pay for. This sucker rips! On a flat surface with a calm wind day, the EVOLV Tour XL Plus hit an amazing 29.8 mph top speed, making it one of the fastest scooters in its weight class of around 50 pounds.

But speed is only part of the equation. If you have ever rented a scooter on a campus or in your town, you are all too familiar with the bumpy, rough rides that go along with these scooters. That’s because shared scooters are meant to be sturdy and take a beating, from one rider to the next.

The EVOLV Tour XL Plus is thoughtfully designed to blend speed, comfort, and safety. Along with excellent braking and huge tires, the XL Plus has one of the highest deck-to-handlebars heights in the market and an expansive, attractive deck. 

The design of the Tour XL means everything — from the recessed bolts and unique stem lever to the sheathed cables — has a polished look. More than once while testing the Tour XL we were stopped and quizzed about the scooter; it catches people’s eyes.

Its large pneumatic tires and dual suspension ensure the Tour XL Plus has great ride quality. Also, the larger than average deck, which gives the rider more options for standing positions, really improves ride comfort. 

The XL Plus is powered by a rear 600 watt motor (1200 watt peak). When you push on the throttle, you feel it “jump” into action.

The Tour XL Plus took 4.5 seconds to reach 15 mph and 12.3 seconds to hit 25 mph. For a new rider, this will feel like a quick jump from zero to speed. especially when comparing it to a typical shared scooter, which averages about 15 mph in 6.3 seconds.

While you’re zipping along, the throttle and LCD screen are easy to read. The screen is also equipped with multiple riding modes and a control panel to personalize your ride experience.

Going forward fast is cool, but you also want to be able to stop safely and quickly when you are commuting. Concerning stopping power for electric scooters, anything under 15 feet is considered excellent. The Tour XL Plus has a 15 mph braking distance of 13.4 feet — better than most other scooters in its class — which translates to keeping you safe when you need to stop. 

It’s no coincidence, the braking system is as well thought out as the rest of the scooter.  It has dual disc brakes, which are some of the safest, most powerful, and most reliable type of brake.

The folding system on the Tour XL Plus is an exceptional and unique design that stands out above all of the other e-scooters we have tested. You can easily pull the sturdy handle to bring the scooter from folded to resting and fully opened positions.

That being said, this is a 50-pound folding scooter. If you live in a five-story walk-up, it might be a little heavy to carry up and down the stairs.

Not only is it loaded with lights to guide your way and get the attention of other traffic, but it also just looks cool. It boasts twin LED lights on the deck and a strong headlight for riding in the dark and dual LED deck lights and a tail-light on the rear fender for extra illumination. The Tour XL Plus features lighting that travels down the acrylic tube on the side of the deck for that catches the eye in the dark and is really groovy looking.

The Evolv Tour XL Plus is loaded with features creating both comfort and convenience for riders of all sizes and skill levels making it a great gift for the holiday season that you can enjoy throughout the year.


Range40 – 50 km / 25 – 31 mi.
Battery LG 48V 18.2aH
Weight23 kg / 50.7 lbs


Charge Time6.5 – 9 hrs
Top Speed45 km/h  (Check local laws before use) 28 mph
Water ResistanceIP54 Official Certified
Max Load120 kg (265 lbs)
Foldable Size122 x 19 x 38.1 cm 48 x 7.5 x 15 inches
SuspensionFront and Rear Spring
BrakesFront and Rear Disc
Powertrain600W Nominal / 1200W Peak
Tire Size10 inch Pneumatic 
Tire Pressure50 PSI to 55 PSI
ColorBlack, Silver, and Grey Combination
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By David Wallach

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