September 27, 2023

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Event Technology Trends That Are Shaping the Future

Technology trends are taking over virtually every sector, and the events industry has not been left out. From live streaming and artificial intelligence, these technologies are helping increase attendance, streamline attendee experiences, and simply the work of event creators.

But which event tech trends should you adopt? We’ve compiled five event tech trends to help you choose the most relevant and valuable tech trend for your upcoming event. Read on!

  1. Facial Recognition for Contactless Check-Ins

Facial recognition is one of the latest tech trends in event management. Whether used in nightclub parties, football matches, food festivals, or other private events, automated, contactless apps can make check-ins smooth and faster. In simple terms, attendees don’t have to waste a lot of time waiting in lines or to interact with event staff. On top of that, these check-in apps can read body language and facial expressions to predict attendees’ moods, taking feedback to another level.  

  1. Event Management Software

Another common tech trend for event planners is event management software. This has become a reliable tool that helps event creators to take care of virtually every detail of their event, thus staying organized and saving on time.

According to PlanningPod, which provides event planning software, the right solution should help you track everything in one convenient place. In other words, it should facilitate communication and coordination with others at any stage – floor planning, event planning, or venue management, thus eliminating possible oversight mistakes that could ruin your entire event.

  1. Live Streaming

Engaging attendees is one of the essential elements of event planning experiences. Traditionally, this has been achieved through the right MCs and lots of event activities. Unfortunately, that may not be easy to achieve with a big army of online attendees and the cancellation of in-person events in the current pandemic. Most event planners are switching to live streaming, which comes with a wealth of benefits. These include getting the talk going online about your event, engaging international customers, and reaching online audiences who weren’t able to make it.

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  1. RFIDs Are Making Things Quicker.

Today’s event planners are adopting radio-frequency identification (RFID) to get rid of tickets and physical payments for in-person events. This means attendees can now get badges, wearables, and other smart devices that enable event planners to monitor attendees’ movement or behavior, facilitate ticketing and cashless payments while minimizing fraud. This tech trend can also alert event planners when VIP speakers arrive at check-in to meet and greet them in person.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is being used in virtually every industry to provide customized recommendations. In the events industry, planners use AI to analyze social media data and offer personalized suggestions for every attendee.

For instance, in virtual events, creators can ask event attendees to say what they think about an event and then collect data on what is working and what is not. This will, in turn, help event planners to provide even more impactful speakers, encouraging content, and helpful technology.

It’s important to note that Artificial Intelligence can be applied in other forms of event management such as:

  • Event newsletter personalization
  • Voice translation and interpretation during panels
  • Facial recognition during event registration
  • Event chatbots

Get Ahead of the Competition with A New Event Tech Trend

As you plan your next big event, it’s important to leverage the right technology in every stage of your event planning, from preliminary planning sessions to post-event debriefs. Whether you choose exciting technologies like AI or event management software, you’ll enhance your venue, keep attendees hooked, and give your event planning business a competitive edge.

By I&T Today

By I&T Today

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