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Photo via Winnebago Industries

Electric-Powered Adventures: A Look Into the Zero Emission Winnebago eRV2

Winnebago Industries, Inc. is a prominent American manufacturer of all things outdoor lifestyle, featuring brands such as Winnebago, Grand Design, Chris-Craft, Newmar, and Barletta. The corporation is a top industry competitor and provides products for recreation activities, such as travel trailers, fifth-wheel products, and boats. Specifically, the Winnebago brand is a leading name for motorhomes, and the company is taking steps to do its part for the environment by creating products that decrease carbon footprint with the help of some impressive tech.

In January 2023, Winnebago Industries, Inc. unveiled the eRV2 at the Florida RV SuperShow in Tampa, Florida. The eRV2 originated from Winnebago Industries’ initial concept vehicle, whose introduction was at the same event in 2022. During the 2023 Tampa SuperShow, attendees had the opportunity to test drive the eRV2 on-site and provide feedback directly to the company. 

The Recharging Capabilities

The eRV2 is powered entirely by electricity, providing quiet and environmentally conscious travel. Winnebago collaborated with Lithionics Battery to create the IonBlade lithium house battery. The advanced battery is the safest, most concentrated, and compact solution available. The electric power system and home battery allow up to seven days of off-grid adventures without fossil fuels. 

The versatile 3-in-1 plug is convenient and allows owners to charge the RV from home, at campgrounds, or at designated charging stations. House-system charging takes as little as 2 hours, while chassis charging takes 45 minutes. 

In addition to the electric charging capabilities, the eRV2 can also utilize solar energy. The 900-watt solar energy system can generate up to 500 watts from fixed roof panels and 400 watts from portable ones. In light of this, the eRV2 can extend your stay even longer without worrying about power outages. 

The eRV2 is built on a Ford E-Transit chassis, delivering robust torque and smooth handling. The current generation of this chassis has a published range of 1,081 miles, making it perfect for a pilot program. Currently, Winnebago is exploring options to extend the range in a future commercial version. 

The Interior Design

Thanks to extensive research, user data, and feedback, the eRV2 is supposedly Winnebago’s most human-centric RV yet. The interior is the definition of serene and calm energy. Drawing inspiration from Japandi, a harmonious blend of Japanese and Scandinavian design is perfectly executed in the eRV2

Every inch of the RV is optimized with built-in multifunctionality to maximize space utility. The living space has a 5-in-1 lounge that transforms into a comfortable sleeping area, dual workstations, and a SmartSpace bathroom.

It includes adaptable workspaces, built-in charge points, and high-speed Wi-Fi for optimal data streaming. The interior also has removable floor mats, the WinnSleep mattress system, and window frame trim. 

The Sustainability Features

Photo via Winnebago Industries

The eRV2 sustainability features are front and center. The product utilizes lots of recycled materials in its interior. 

It features biodegradable materials in its acrylic countertops. The flooring, made by Chilewich, is made in the United States and is engineered with recycled materials. Its bio-felt backing is 100% post-consumer recycled felt and has integrated antimicrobial protection, ensuring its great looks for years. 

The multi-layer Ultrafabrics Volar Bio cab seat coverings use renewable plant-based materials. Repreve polyester yarn manufactured from recycled water bottles is in the bedroom and lounge seating. Additionally, the unique broad-spectrum LED lighting consumes less energy. Users can adjust the interior LED light color across a vast spectrum, including red, supporting the dark-sky initiative, reducing light pollution, and minimizing the impact on local plant and animal life.

The Connected Tech  

The Winnebago Connect system helps users monitor and control the vehicle’s electrical and energy management systems through an app or a display inside the vehicle. This connected feature ensures real-time information and instant control. 

The Winnebago Connect system continuously monitors and adapts house systems to match your preferences while optimizing efficiency. It also provides support tools such as searchable manuals, instructional videos, checklists, and assistance with vehicle servicing, guaranteeing a convenient and user-friendly experience. 

Driving the RV is easier than ever, thanks to advanced features such as 360-degree cameras, blind-spot assist, and a reverse brake system that detects stationary or moving objects behind the vehicle. 

Availability of the eRV2

The eRV2 is currently undergoing field testing with everyday consumers to gather valuable insights that will shape its final design before it becomes available at dealerships.

The eRV2 has a pilot statistical overview of more than 25,000 miles tested, 41 testers, and over 200 nights spent camping. Due to the eRV2 still being in a testing period, there is no exact release date to the public or official retail price listed. With this said, many RV enthusiasts have predicted the electric-powered RV to have a value between $150,000 and $200,000.

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