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solar power
By I&T Today

Education and Advocacy at Solar Power Mountain West

Do you think climate change is the top threat facing your country right now? Recent polling shows that in 13 of 26 countries surveyed, citizens are more concerned about climate change than they are about the global economy, cyber attacks, or ISIS.

Perhaps that’s why, worldwide, more than 141 billion dollars were invested in solar energy technologies in 2018.

This departure from typically fossil fuel-focused investments shows a shift in perspectives surrounding energy.

In response, the renewable energy industry is expanding its reach, bringing in new talent and doubling down on education initiatives.

Solar Power Events North America

The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) and the Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) are two organizations working to elevate the conversation around photovoltaic technologies through a series of North American events.

In addition to their flagship Solar Power Events, (Solar Power International, Energy Storage International, and North American Smart Energy Week), these organizations are now hosting a series of regional events focused on education and networking.

With new events being offered in Denver, Salt Lake City, New Orleans, and more, the depth and breadth of these shows has expanded considerably. 

Solar Power Mountain West

The recent Solar Power and Energy Storage Mountain West expo took place in Denver, Colorado, and featured a robust schedule of educational lectures and seminars while also showcasing the companies at the forefront of the expanding industry.

Sessions included discussions on transitioning to clean energy, advancements in power storage, legislative changes impacting the industry, and the expanding role of resilience technologies in the marketplace.

These events also offer opportunities to network and connect with other educators and integrators working in the space.

Frequent coffee and snack breaks ensure time in-between lectures to discuss ideas with other attendees.

A catered luncheon on each day of the event also offers the chance to share ideas, make connections, and speak with the companies and investors impacting the industry.

Solar Power Events Schedule and International Opportunities

There will be 19 Solar Power Events taking place all over the country in 2020, with special events taking place in Mexico, Africa, and other international markets.

All proceeds will support the expansion of the US energy market through research, education, and solar advocacy efforts.

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Education and Advocacy at Solar Power Mountain West

March 13, 2020
By I&T Today

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