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By I&T Today

Spring 2014 Update

Robert Yehling,

Editor at Innovation & Technology Today

On Tuesday April 8, we celebrated a momentous occasion in Innovation & Tech Today history: permanent distribution on newsstands nationwide, including Barnes & Noble stores, pharmacies and airports.  In just over a year, we have bulleted from a 48-page digital magazine to 168 pages in print and digital. Think about it: how many magazines do you know that have grown in size 350% over the past year?

This milepost serves as an example of what happens when a strong concept and vision, tireless administrative, sales and editorial staff, and dedication to creating the best possible product join forces with a supportive business and technology world. We have received tremendous support from advertisers in virtually all technology sectors, and our new product reviews have evolved into the Product Revolution. If you want to know what’s hot, right now, that’s the place to turn.

Our Spring 2014 issue features the diversity you’ve come to expect from us, including:

• Conversations with Gary Shapiro of the CEA and Lisa Kaz of the L.A. Auto Show

• Exclusive and extensive coverage of the International CES Show

• Gaming and Entertainment three-pack: BlizzCon 2013, International CES, and the future of 3D Graphic Display

• Coverage of the L.A. Auto Show and the mushrooming Connected Car industry

• The Selfie Explosion!

• How wearable technology is increasing our energy & fitness

• Top 25 solar-powered companies (you’ll be surprised)

• How our trucking industry is coordinating logistics through cloud computing

• Insightful pieces on communication, security, green technology, young tech, point-of-purchase technology and much more.

In our digital issue, you will be able to take advantage of more than 300 video, audio, photo and text links that spin off the feature articles, departments, Product Revolution and Gift Guide.

We invite you to enjoy our record-setting Spring 2014 issue, and send us your comments and suggestions on what we can do to provide you the hottest, latest, most diverse coverage of innovation and technology on the newsstand.





Author Bio: Innovation & Tech Today features a wide variety of writers on tech, science, business, sustainability, and culture. Have an idea? Send it to

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Spring 2014 Update

April 11, 2014
By I&T Today

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