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How to Make Communication with Your Clients More Effective

Many businesses struggle while attempting to maintain effective communication with clients. If you are one of them, then you already know just how hard it is to gain attention for your latest news to reach your customers and your new prospects.

One of the fastest ways to communicate your message is to send SMS from web application. This method can be far more effective than a blanket email which will invariably be redirected to spam or promotions, whereas an SMS Message will be delivered right to the client’s cell phone. Now being honest here, I can tell you that I probably delete 300 or 400 emails every day without even opening, or much less reading them. On the other hand, I almost always open a text message on my phone… So, to reach me effectively an SMS message works best. I would think it would be the same for virtually all customers and prospects.

When looking for a commercial provider of mass SMS messaging services keep in mind the features you should be getting with the service.

  • Personalized sender ID
  • Balance control
  • User-friendly interface
  • No downloads required
  • No integration problems
  • Contacts import and management
  • Stats and reports
  • Email to SMS services
  • Web SMS templates
  • Affordability and special offers

Sending web SMS is a fast and efficient way to get a message across to your customers – literally and figuratively speaking. An online SMS sender provides you with limitless opportunities to make you even more competitive and time-efficient. Your company can easily attract new clients and keep the present ones with special promotions and loyalty programs.

There is a lot of information any company needs to share with its customers regularly. Here there are some examples:

  • Website update/downtimes: There is nothing as frustrating as getting up early to order a product before work, only to find that the website is down for scheduled maintenance.
  • Sales and Promotions: In addition to awarding special status to your current clients, a quick “forward this message on” can bring in many new customers.
  • New loyalty programs: Whether large or small all businesses should have a creative loyalty program. Be sure to keep your customers in the loop with useful SMS messaging.
  • Holidays greetings: A quick Happy New Year message is unlikely to offend anyone. Holiday times are special times and your message should be received gratefully.

Web to SMS communication is a genuinely compelling method of staying in touch with your client/customer base, just one note of caution… Do not abuse the privilege of being able to get your message to the recipient’s cell phone. Keep all communication brief and right to the point, with a quick call to action.

Most importantly you need your message to provide a value to the recipients! So Give A Little & Gain A Lot!!


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How to Make Communication with Your Clients More Effective

December 11, 2017
By I&T Today

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