Biggest Changes In 10 Years Of The iPhone

Biggest Changes In 10 Years Of The iPhone


The iPhone has officially celebrated its tenth birthday! Can you believe that just ten years ago we were using flip phones with 1 megapixel cameras like cave men?  Well, now is the perfect time to see all the changes made in the decade since the release of the device that forever changed mobile technology, and how often we have to get our screens replaced. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest changes we’ve seen since the debut of the iPhone.

The End Of Physical Buttons

I’ve already written an article on how the iPhone was the beginning of the end when it came to physical buttons on mobile devices. And, while you should definitely take some time and read that amazingly well-written article, the point remains true. The iPhone meant that the control of buttons would be sacrificed for the swiping of screens from then on out. The golden age of slyly texting during class without looking has passed us by. Not that I ever did that of course.  

The Explosion Of Mobile Gaming

Before the iPhone, playing games on your phone was much more primitive than these days. Mobile phone games from the flip phone era were expensive and minimal, with mostly simplistic games such as Snake and Diner Dash. However, the iPhone has practically become its own game console since the launch of the App Store, hosting extremely profitable games such as Angry Birds and Pokemon Go. In fact, mobile gaming is now more profitable than console gaming. You know, those machines that are made solely for playing games on.  

The Cannibalization Of The iPod

One of Apple’s biggest revolutions before introducing the iPhone was the iPod, the perfectly portable music player that signaled the end of the Discman era. However, while the device was definitely a success, iPod sales have reduced dramatically over the years, from over 51 million in 2007 (the year the iPhone released) to just over 14 million in 2014. As for Microsoft Zune sales? I’m guessing they went down a bit as well.

Changes, Whether You Like It Or Not

While Apple has definitely made some grand improvements over the course of the iPhone, they’ve also made some changes that have, well, alienated their fans a bit. The first big example was changing over from the 30-pin charging dock to the Lightning dock. While on the one hand this was beneficial to the design of the iPhone and other Apple devices, it came off as a bit of a cash grab considering they could have switched to the widely available micro USB instead. And then there was the recently released iPhone 7, a model without a headphone jack “encouraging” you to only use Apple’s headphones. You weren’t planning on actually using those $2,000 studio-quality headphones, were you?


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