Beauty in the Eye of Burkard

Beauty in the Eye of Burkard



Interview by Billy Brown

Often oceanic and wild, Chris Burkard’s photography has captured the attention of millions. This young and adventurous shooter of the outdoors recently chatted with Innovation & Tech Today about his gear, career, and life on the road.


Innovation & Tech Today: What’s the most beautiful place you’ve ever visited/captured?

Chris Burkard: Iceland. I’ve been there 24 times now, and am going three more times this summer. It always blows my mind. There are so many diverse climates and landscapes on one small island. It is amazing.

I&T Today: Is the transition from photography to videography a smooth/natural one?

CB: Obviously, I’m mostly shooting photography, but when I do work on a videography project I’m working from more of a director’s standpoint. That transition was fairly easy for me since I’m able to portray the same scene or vision in my head, just through a different medium.


I&T Today: What’s your favorite piece of equipment?

CB: My Goal Zero chargers are always saving me. Whenever I’m away from the studio I’m constantly working on my phone and it always needs to be charged. They do the job perfectly.

Alas, this is just a preview. To hear more of Burkard’s tips on gear (and to see more of his fantastic photography) subscribe to Innovation & Tech Today and receive our Summer 2016 Issue, coming out soon.


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