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By David Levine

A Personal Invitation to the Shared Experience Summit

Dear Friends,

Way back in the summer of 2017, Chuck Warner, the publisher of Innovation and Tech Today, invited me to share a booth at Solar Power International, the biggest trade show in the renewable energy industry. 

I was the founder & CEO of a solar energy marketplace platform and really appreciated his offer.

While I wound up gaining a lot of business and making many contacts, what was more important to me was the experience of Las Vegas with Chuck and his team.

Chuck is just an amazing person with brilliance, charisma and a contagious love of life.

From finding the best wagyu to bungee jumping, raves and late night bourbon crawls, Chuck finds a way to make every moment memorable.

Later that year I found myself in San Diego at the same time as a smart home conference, and Chuck didn’t hesitate to invite me to receptions, parties and gatherings with his partners and clients.

All of this led me to the (now obvious) realization that business is really about the experience, not the performance or the outcomes.

And more importantly, the shared experience. 

Chuck has built his media empire by providing amazing experiences for a wide range of entrepreneurs and executives.

Now I’m bringing that same focus on shared experiences into a new app, Scoby Social, that matches entrepreneurs, executives, professionals and creators with clients, customers, and partners in live, real-time shared experiences.

We’re introducing the app at the Shared Experience Summit that begins Thursday, April 29, and runs through May 1.

It’s 100% free and 100% gold nuggets of wisdom from some of the top folks in the biggest markets on the planet.

Join Chuck & I in the shared experience of a lifetime.

With love,

David Larson Levine

Founder & CEO

Scoby Society

Author Bio: I'm the founder & CEO of Scoby Society, a platform for shared experiences that matches creators and their dream clients. I live in the woods on the river in West Virginia just far enough from Washington, DC.

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A Personal Invitation to the Shared Experience Summit

April 27, 2021
By David Levine

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