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convoworks integrating voice apps
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By I&T Today

80% of the Internet Isn’t Using Voice Applications: Here’s How Convoworks Is Changing That

While the internet hasn’t fully caught on to the value and versatility of voice applications, many experts now see it more as a question of, “when” rather than, “if” these days.

The annual growth of the voice application market is expected to grow from $2.8 billion in 2021 to $11.2 billion by 2026 — a massive 32% leap. So, while the majority of the internet currently works largely in the dark with regards to voice applications, that’s not likely to last too much longer.

Spearheading the change are industry leaders such as Tihomir Dmitrović, founder of Convoworks, whose company is working to bring voice application systems more into the mainstream.

“There’s little doubt these days that voice applications will play a major role for most businesses,” Dmitrović said. “Yet most internet users still lag in making full use of audio functions through smart speakers. Our platform makes getting up to speed a quick, painless, and cost-effective move that can be customized to any needs.”

Dmitrović’s team and unique tools look to show the world not just what they can do, but how everyone stands to benefit from voice-assistance integration.

Enhancing Existing Content

Above all else, users demand convenience and ease from their technology. Most have become familiar enough using smart speakers like Amazon Alexa, but it’s up to site owners to make sure their content and services are voice-assistant friendly.

Convoworks recognizes and adapts to that by connecting a website’s backend with smart speakers, making their assistance easily accessible and usable.

“With Convoworks, we make it seamless to set access features through voice commands managed directly on the WordPress backend,” Dmitrović said. 

“These functions add [an] entirely new sensory experience upon the user experience. Whether it’s a simple greeting or a fun showcase of your brand’s personality on your website’s landing page, the options are limitless to make the most of already existing content. As an added bonus, our service uses its resources without external processing, so it’s not going to slow anything down on the user experience side of things.”

People have become increasingly comfortable using smart speakers for everything from weather updates to shopping. This is reflected in consumer trends as 71% of customers say they would rather search for items via voice rather than text. 

The need and the content are already present within the market; what is currently lacking is the connector between the two.

Providing Components to Build 

Identifying a need in the market is one thing, but providing the right tools and components for users is essential for an idea to work in reality. Voice-assistant smart speakers are still a relatively new technology, so there must be defined workflows so both the webmasters and users can utilize them successfully.

“With our design, we have broken up components into three main categories of elements, processors and filters,” Dmitrović noted. “Each provides an essential function in the voice application process, but needs will of course vary from company to company. With smart speakers, in particular, it’s helpful to tailor their settings to fit your exact needs to avoid frustrating or confusing users. We give your business the tools it needs to build and adapt to your audience needs with custom and a more effective feel.”

Webmasters must do all they can to ensure the user experience is a smooth and delightful one. Otherwise, they simply will go elsewhere with their valuable attention. Understanding this need and arranging components to meet user expectations make the voice application system all the more likely to succeed.

Designing a Scalable System

With any system a business implements, it’s imperative that it possesses the ability to scale to keep pace with technological changes. Without such a feature, even the best-developed apps are doomed to become obsolete within a few years.

“Our team and mission have always been to fulfill the needs of today, but keep an eye on the future as well,” Dmitrović said. “Which is why we created Convoworks to function in conjunction with extensions of all types. We welcome custom expression language functions, full-service templates, and existing WordPress plugins. Our interface is based on open architecture, so it’s truly up to the customer to decide how they would like to take advantage of voice-enabled features to delight their customer base. We look to add more compatible devices and features like full voice-assisted website navigation in the years to come. We aim to be the one-stop do-it-all shop to help everyone understand and make the most of audio integration. ”

In the US alone, 128 million people use voice assistant applications at least once a month. This represents over a third of the total population, and there’s nothing to suggest this number will exponentially.

Opening the Door for All

Integration can be a sticking point when attempting to bring a new application onboard and often forms an unfortunate barrier between businesses and their desired outcome.

“We designed a system to function between platforms from day one,” Dmitrović remarked.

“And to work with chatbot and voice assistant services of all types. We package our platform through both an open-source PHP library and a WordPress plugin, which covers the needs of most businesses. Our support team is available every step of the way if users stumble, and we pride ourselves on finding creative solutions to any problems they might encounter.”

Voice application systems are a tech wave that soon will become expected across platforms. However, ultimately, it’s up to businesses to decide when they want to take steps to adopt it. Whenever they are ready, companies like Convoworks are poised and ready to answer the call.

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80% of the Internet Isn’t Using Voice Applications: Here’s How Convoworks Is Changing That

February 28, 2022
By I&T Today

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