December 5, 2023

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3D printers
3D printers

6 Surprising DIY Uses for 3D Printers

Not that long ago 3D printers seemed like something out of a science fiction movie. The idea that you could design something on a computer, then print a three-dimensional object in a variety of materials was incredible.

Now 3D printers are relatively commonplace. They’re used by all sorts of businesses to manufacture products. They’re even in some schools. 

The one place 3D printers haven’t become commonplace is in the home. It’s like in the 90s when people started to get personal computers. Early adopters had one, but they weren’t in every household.

A future where every home has a 3D printer isn’t far off though. And for good reason. There are many uses for 3D printers that make them a great thing to have in the house. 

Replacement Parts

We all know how annoying it is when something integral to our home breaks, and we have to wait for replacement parts to be sent. Depending on the part we need, it could take weeks to arrive. And it’s money out of your pocket.

A 3D printer takes all the hassle and money out of getting replacement parts when things break. There are hundreds of designs online for common replacement parts. You can download the design and print the part at home.

If you can’t find a design for the part you need, you can design it yourself, then print the part. This is especially helpful when you need a replacement part for something that is no longer made. You can design it specifically to fit the item you have.

With a 3D printer, you’ll never be stuck waiting for a part or wasting your money on one again. 

Getting Organized 

There are entire aisles at department stores dedicated to different kinds of organizational accessories. Desk organizers, pen and pencil holders, stacking boxes, paper trays, and more, all of which help you organize the random stuff you have lying around your house. 

You could spend hundreds of dollars getting all these organization accessories from a department store. Or you could check out the 3D printer designs for these accessories online and print them at home!

You could also design organization accessories that fit your specific needs and your unique aesthetic. 

Every bit of material chaos in your house can be tamed by a 3D printer, the perfect organizational solution.

Educating the Kids 

3D printers are becoming a staple in schools because of their myriad educational applications.

Kids are learning to design their own objects and using the printers to make them. They’re getting hands-on with their learning by printing models of the things they’re learning about.

Students are learning to build complicated structures and machines by printing the pieces from their own designs. 

This kind of tactile learning is a great way for kids to experience what they’re learning. And with a 3D printer, you can bring that kind of learning home!

Does your kid have questions about their science homework? Print a model of an atom so they can see what their book is talking about.

Having trouble with geometry? Print some shapes so they can work with 3D objects rather than pictures on a page. 

There are so many ways that you can use a 3D printer to bring learning to life with your kids.

School Projects 

Having a 3D printer in the house can also be an absolute lifesaver when it comes to school projects.

Every parent has taken their kid on that frenzied, last-minute trip to the local department store the night before a project is due. And every parent has experienced their kid’s meltdown when they can’t find whatever it is they need to complete it perfectly. 

Having a 3D printer in the home eliminates these dramatic store runs. Whatever your kid needs can be printed right at home.

And you can add an extra creative dimension to the project by designing new objects with your kid.

Being able to create whatever they need for their project with a 3D printer gives your kid complete control over their project. Plus, it gives them the freedom to flex their creativity.

Personalized Accessories and Gifts 

There are tons of businesses out there that specialize in personalized items. You buy the item from them and they add some sort of engraving or image that makes it completely unique. 

You can skip the cost and hassle of sending out for these items by having a 3D printer at home.

You can design and create your own personalized items and gifts that meet the specifications that you want.

With a 3D printer, you’ll have the flexibility to create personalized gifts that aren’t typically available from retailers. 

Starting a Business 

One of the biggest upfront costs of starting a business and selling a product is manufacturing that product.

There are two options – you either make the item yourself by hand or you contract with a manufacturer to produce the product for you.

If you’re making the product by hand, then you can only produce so much. The number of orders that you can fulfill will be limited.

When you contract with a manufacturer there are all sorts of problems you can run into. The product might not be the quality you want it to be or it might be more expensive than you’d like or something else.

3D printing offers a new option for starting your own business. You can print the product you’re selling en masse! This eliminates the need for a manufacturer and the bottleneck of you making the item by hand. 

Having a 3D printer can make launching your dream business a reality. Looking for the best 3D printer for your home business? Check out the Stratasys J850.

More Uses for 3D Printers

These are just a few of the awesome uses for 3D printers in your home. Though the upfront costs are still high, getting a 3D printer for your home is an investment that will pay itself off in the long run.

For more information about 3D printers and other cool home technology, check out the Tech section of our site.


By Tom Brett

By Tom Brett

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