It’s the perfect time to indulge your business gadget desires. These must-have gifts are some of our favorites. Enhance your workday, be more efficient, and focus on the work you love.

SMART kapp, the Whiteboard Reinvented
The SMART kapp digital capture board is a must-have business gadget. We’ve all been in those situations where someone erases our whiteboards too soon, or we’re sending fuzzy photos with glare to remote co-workers. “The first dry erase board was invented in the 50s,” said CTO Warren Barkley. “It hasn’t really changed much, and the reason it hasn’t changed much is people love that you can just walk up and write on it. We really took that functionality and that sort of simplicity and kept it in this product.” Team members can use iOS or Android apps to connect the SMART kapp, and see real-time updates from the board on their devices. A link to the board can be emailed as well so anyone, anywhere can see what’s being written on the board. Truly plug and play, SMART kapp requires no IT assistance. Two sizes available, starting at $899 at

Sennheiser Mobile Business Series

A benchmark Bluetooth headset designed for business professionals, the MB Pro 2 UC ML offers many benefits to those who need reliable wireless communication, great sound quality, and all-day comfort. The MB Pro 2 UC ML offers an ultra noise-canceling microphone, ensuring background noise won’t be a distraction. The headset features Sennheiser’s Room Experience technology, which reduces listener fatigue and creates a more natural listening experience, complemented by the expertly designed, comfortable over-ear headset. Enjoy up to 15 hours of talk time and fast charging – the MB Pro 2 UC ML fully charges within 2.5 hours. Available for $230.00 at

Relax The Back: Sit-To-Stand WorkPad

The Sit-To-Stand WorkPad is a great addition to any office space. It is compact, stylish, and most importantly simple to adjust. It is quiet when adjusting the height, and it is easy (and light) to lift from sitting to standing with one hand. It comes in 2 base finishes and offers 9 different color tops. Retails at $299.