24 Hours of IoT at CES 2017

24 Hours of IoT at CES 2017

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The Internet of Things, or IoT for short, has been a common topic at the Consumer Electronics Show, and this year is no different. Monolithic companies and boot-strapped start-ups alike have shown off their products, ranging from smart watches to intelligent thermostats and everything in between. All of these devices integrate technology in myriad ways to simplify, enhance or synergize, sun up to sun down.

Wake up in the Morning with Beddit

Ever wake up in the morning, tired? At CES 2017, Beddit knows the answer – and has a solution.

They want you to reclaim the reins of your restful hours with their Beddit 3 smart sleep tracker. Beddit’s third generation sleep tracker takes the form of a sleek band infused with technology that slides under your top bed sheet.

The Beddit 3 sleep tracking band pairs with your smartphone through their app to give you data captured from Beddit 3’s diverse array of sensors. After a night’s sleep, your paired smart device presents an in-depth analysis of your sleeping hours, highlighting your time spent asleep, heart rate, breathing pattern and more. It puts you in control of a more restful sleep. Learn why you slept well with analytics and figure out what might be a recurring problem with your sleep with tracked long term use and notation.

Handle Daytime Duties with Sen.se’s line of SensePeanuts

Peanuts have become the creative inspiration for the name and visual design of Sen.se’s line of affordable IoT connected smart sensors, shown-off at Pepcom’s Digital Experience held on the eve before the opening of CES. Their GuardPeanut and ThermoPeanut were two of their three Peanuts in all, each with a different purpose. Sen.se’s small and connected slim pods less than two inches long each hold unique IoT functionality. For just thirty dollars per device, each SensePeanut tackles a challenge as an affordable member of the IoT.

The Sen.se GaurdPeanut is an answer to lost bags and stolen valuables. Just clip the peanut onto your backpack or toss it in your purse and pair it with your smartphone via Bluetooth. You’ll receive an alert if you discover that the bag is not where it should be. Their ThermoPeanut monitors any location’s temperature remotely from your smartphone. This device might just herald the end to frozen pipes and flooded homes should your furnace ever give out in the winter while you’re away.

Falling Asleep at Night with AcousticSheep’s SleepPhones

Odds are that you have a method or trick to aid falling asleep. Maybe you read a book before bed or perhaps listen to music under the covers. One of the most common tactics to help induce sleep faster and achieve a more restful and deep sleep is to listen to quiet music, or some form of white noise.

“Our goal as a company is to create a world of happier, healthier, well rested people,” explains Dr. Wei-Shin Lai, CEO of AcousticSheep. She’s committed to helping people sleep better by comfortably providing white noise, which has been proven in medical research to aid restful sleep.

The issue has always been the delivery of white noise. Playing white noise over a speaker can annoy other sleepers. Wearing earbuds while you sleep is often more of an irritant than a help. AcousticSheep showcased their solution, SleepPhones, at the CES Unveiled event that previews some of the hottest items to be found on the floors of CES 2017. The SleepPhones might look like any other unassuming headband, but they have a trick, the band is fitted with a pair of super thin speakers and a wired or wireless input to connect to any electronic device.

“We’re all about sleep,” adds Dr. Lai. “SleepPhones are basically the world’s most comfortable headphones you can wear in bed.” In use, the SleepPhones feel just as comfortable as any other soft and padded headband, but with the extra functionality of having some soothing sound flow out to encourage your deep sleep.

Liam Kivirist is a Senior Writer for Innovation and Tech Today and editor for TechSocket.net.

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